Are staff in the store allowed to know what I’m doing? How can I do what I need to do discreetly?

It is critical that agents work undercover and discreetly to get accurate and unbiased data for each job. Here are some tips for working discreetly:

  • Act like you are texting or using your phone
  • Don’t lift your phone too far out from your body or make it obvious that you are taking a photo.
  • People often take pictures of things they like, eg. Shoes they like, to see if the colour will match their outfit at home, etc.

So have a reason why you are taking the photos, in case a store staff member notices and approaches you about it.

eg: “I am taking a photo of this for my brother’s school assignment” or “I am shopping for my mum and am not sure which brand she was after, so I have just taken a photo of it and sent it to her to check it’s the one that she wanted.”

One experienced Agent in the US has put together a great video on this topic, which you can view here:

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