Do I need to check or change any of my phone settings once I have downloaded the Field Agent App?

 Once you have downloaded the Field Agent app, to ensure that you are getting the most out of the experience, we recommend you check the following settings:

 A) Complete the profile questions once you have signed up in the Field Agent app. Some jobs are targeted to a specific demographic, and if you do not complete the profile questions then you will not have the chance to score these jobs.

B) Turn on 'Notifications' for Field Agent to receive information about jobs near you.

C) Make sure 'Location Services' are enabled for Field Agent. (Please ensure that your GPS data is always enabled when completing Field Agent tasks. If your data is submitted without GPS information we cannot confirm your location and will be unable to approve your job).

 The way to enable Notifications and Location Services varies for each device. For assistance on how to do this on your specific device, feel free to contact us at

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