How can I view job instructions, questions and help images after I accept a job?

When you are on the 'Find Jobs' page and you click on a task, you are able to read all the job instructions before you choose to accept the job. 

After you have accepted the job, all your accepted jobs appear on the 'My Jobs' screen until you are ready to complete them. 

Once in the job, If you would like to be able to read the job instructions, questions, tips and see example photos at any time after you have accepted the task (before or during the job), you can do so by clicking on the job and moving forward and backwards between the questions by clicking the arrows in the left and right hand corners of the page. If you are simply viewing instructions, you can continue past the screen that may warn you're in the wrong location or you haven't completed a question properly and then return to the start of the job to complete the questions when you're ready. 

If you're in the process of answering questions and you would like to move between questions to read the instructions, please ensure that you move forward before you move backwards, to allow your data to save, otherwise you will lose the data you've submitted.

On each of the questions/steps, you will see an 'Info' tab at the top right of the screen. Click the 'Info' tab, and this will drop down the job instructions. Click the 'Info' tab again to collapse the instructions, and you are back to the job question/step. 

See SCREEN SHOTS below which demonstrate:

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